Courses may - june : University Diploma French Language: DUEF 100 hours

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Institut d'Etudes Françaises pour étudiants étrangers - IEFE
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University Diploma French Studies - 100 hoursCourses may - june


Pau campus


From 11th May to 23th June 2020
25 hours per week
Price: 700 €

DULF May - June (100h environ)

Course outline

  • Language and culture classes each morning and after lunch.
  • Workshops or elective classes each afternoon (depending on level)
  • Educational excursions (a visit to the local market or newspaper, for example) could be included.
  • An average of 15-18 students per group.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a University Diploma in French Studies (100 hours), based on progressive assessment.
  • A certificate is provided upon request.

Students must have proof of valid insurance in order to take part in any excursions


Placement test

At the beginning of each session students must complete a short test designed to determine their current level of French. Students will then be divided into groups, which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Any student who is absent on the day of the placement test will only be accepted if their corresponding group is not full.

A1 – Breakthrough/Beginner level

Students will learn about the language and how to communicate in everyday situations.

A2 – Way stage or elementary level

Reinforcement and practise of everyday French, spoken and written.

B1 – Threshold or intermediate level

Continuation of language learning through an intensive study of French culture and society.

B2 – Advanced or independent level

For students who display a certain level of proficiency in their use of French. At this level students will review and expand upon current knowledge, while learning new aspects to ensure a degree of fluency in written and oral communication.

C1 – Mastery level (for autonomous users)

For students with a very advanced level of French, in-depth study of grammatical concepts, working towards understanding different registers through the study of authentic oral and written documents, and improvement of written expression. Exploration of the links between language, culture and civilisation.
Oral expression is constantly developed through various learning activities (conversation, role playing, etc.); written expression is also a key focus, developed using a variety of techniques.
Authentic documents (videos, songs, posters, ads, etc.) are used to improve written and oral comprehension.

Evaluation of the student during the course is based on formative assessment
The I.E.F.E. reserves the right to cancel this session in the case of limited numbers (less than 10 students per group).

Optional activities

  • A free phonetics workshop is available (students sign up weekly)
  • Computer lab with free internet access

DELF-DALF examination session

There will be an examination session for all levels of the DELF-DALF, from 24th, 25th-26th June.
Enrolment for these examinations is at the I.E.F.E. office by no later than 22th May.
For all information concerning these examinations, consult the DELF-DALF page.

Accomodation (Payment on arrival)

  • On-campus accommodation Single room, around 260€
    Payment upon arrival in cash or by bankcard to CLOUS (Student Services)
  • In a host family (Private bedroom with breakfast): around 260€


For on-campus accommodation, shared kitchens are available on each floor.
There is also the possibility to dine:

  • On campus at the university cafeteria, La Vague (around 3€ per meal)
  • Close to the campus (supermarket, fast food, takeaway, etc.)


  • Download and print the form below. Send the completed form the I.E.F.E. with a cheque or proof of electronic transfer (ask the I.E.F.E. office for bank details) for the 370€ deposit (the remainder to be paid on the first day of classes).
  • Write to or telephone the secretary of the I.E.F.E., who will send you an enrolment form.

Cancelation policy


 • Students who notify the institute of their intention to withdraw before the beginning of the course may elect to transfer the enrolment fee to another course during the same academic year : the enrolment fee (170€) and advance (200 €) will be retained to pay for administrative cost.

Contact details I.E.F.E. office
Ph. 33 (0)5 59 40 73 85
iefe @