Business French: 34 hours

Business French: 34 hours

Business French B1 distance learning course (34 hours)


Do you want to discover the French business world and communicate better with French partners? Do you want to obtain certification that proves your skills in the French working world?

This course, of approximately 34 hours, has the following objectives:

To discover the world of French business

To understand how business is done in France

To be able to communicate orally and in writing in the business world

To enrich the specific business lexicon and to boost the grammatical structures most commonly used in business to communicate, sell, negotiate

To raise awareness of the inter-cultural dimension of business in France

This course also prepares for the passing of the exam organized by the CCI Paris-Ile de France “Professional French Diploma Level B1”.

Training duration

  • 34 hours of lessons in total
  • 10 weeks of training
  • DFP B1 certification (optional)

Entry level required: good A2.