Welcome to our centre for French as a Foreign Language (FLE) !


Located on the UPPA Campus for more than 40 years, our university institute has long-standing experience teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE). Every year we receive about 500 students from all over the world who enjoy the warm and pleasant atmosphere of our lessons.

Our strengths:

A personalised welcome thanks to our secretaries, Alexandrine and Annie.

Courses designed specifically for foreign learners and a highly-qualified teaching team that is proficient in innovative methodologies.

The possibility of taking advantage of the university's amenities: libraries, university restaurants, attending faculty lectures as an observer, sports, cultural events, preventive medicine, and much more.

a campus endowed with lush greenery based in two medium-sized towns near the Pyrénées mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean – Pau and Bayonne, cities where you can simply enjoy life!

We offer a wide range of courses: intensive courses (18hrs/week), evening courses (2-4hrs/week), courses to prepare for DELF (Diploma of French Language Studies) and DALF (Advanced Diploma of French Language Studies), business French courses, university diplomas (DUiFLE and DU Passerelle) and several distance learning courses if you cannot come to our centre: Phonetics, DUEF B2, Business French B1, DUiFLE.

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Faculté des Lettres

Av. Doyen Poplawski

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Vilma welcomes you, contact her for your REGISTRATION

IEFE Côte-Basque (CRL)

Campus de la Nive

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