The team

Our team

Our team is made up of twenty teachers of French as a Foreign Language with well-established experience working with international students.


All our teachers hold a university degree in FLE (doctorate, master's degree or master's certificate) – each with their own specialised focus (specialists in didactics, linguistics, literature, phonetics and new technologies for teaching, among others).

Géraldine LARGUIER, director of the IEFE 

  • An Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, I joined the IEFE team in 2015, after having taught for a long time in Colombia and Turkey. I teach FLE courses but also business French courses. Concurrently, I teach in the French as a Foreign Language Master’s programme. I’m specialised in incorporating digital tools in language courses.


  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Spanish as well as a Master's Degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). I had the opportunity to teach in several language centres in France and abroad before settling in Pau. At IEFE, my work mainly involves language courses, some workshops and business French courses.

Emmanuelle CAMELOT

  • FLE Teacher



  • With a degree in History and a Master 2 in FLE, I first taught FLE in Argentina and Vanuatu. In France, I have taught courses in FLE, FOS and done DELF/DALF exam preparation in various establishments and training organisations. Since 2019, I've been working at the IEFE, teaching language courses, doing workshops and DELF B2 exam preparation. I'm also in charge of the IEFE's communication on social networks.


  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master's Degree in French as a Foreign Language. I taught in Canada and Morocco before joining IEFE. I teach FLE as well as phonetic correction, a speciality that I’m passionate about and which I impart to FLE bachelor’s and master’s students. I’m also an Associate Expert at the CIEP (International Centre for Teaching Studies) as a trainer of trainers.


Dolores BALLET

  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and a Master's Degree in French as a Foreign Language. I have worked in Central America in various embassies. At IEFE, my work involves language, workshop and phonetics courses


David EYER

  • I have been a Professor of Modern Liberal Arts since 2008, and I have taught in France (lower & upper secondary school and university) and abroad (Australia and Turkey). I currently work in Bayonne at the Nive Campus.

Sandrine FREOUR

  • Specialised in teaching French as a foreign language and having gained a wealth of professional experience in France and abroad, I currently work in various French language courses at IEFE where I’m responsible for DELF-DALF certifications. I also teach in the Grammar section of the FLE master’s and DU/L3 FLE diplomas.


  • “I learn every day in order to teach the next day” (Emile Faguet) I hold a Ph.D. in Language Sciences and I'm a specialist of literary texts in French as a foreign language. I invite you to IEFE for courses in literature, French language and general culture. You’ll also get a chance to interact with our UPPA bachelor's and master's students who are training to become teachers of non-French-speaking people in order to better understand you.


  • I have been teaching at IEFE in Pau since 1993, and I give FLE lessons to foreign students as well as didactic lessons to UPPA students who are preparing a Master’s in FLE. I also taught professional French for 16 years to foreign students seeking to sit for the exam delivered by CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris).



  • I have a Ph.D. in Modern Liberal Arts and I’m specialised in literature. You will find me at IEFE teaching contemporary literature, cinema, art history, cultural knowledge and French language. I’m also in charge of pedagogical coordination at IEFE.

Marianne LE MOIGN

  • With a degree in Modern Liberal Arts and French as a Foreign Language (FLE), I joined IEFE in September 2014 after several years of teaching FLE (language and culture) at universities in the USA and Canada. I teach language and cultural knowledge at IEFE and also teach in the FLE Master's programme at UPPA.


  • I have been a member of IEFE since 2004 and have spent part of my career in Spain and France in the Instituts Français and Alliances Françaises networks. I teach FLE at the Basque Coast campuses and I’m the contact person at the UPPA Language Resource Centre on the Nive Campus in Bayonne.

Blandine PERRIER

  • I have a Master's Degree in FLE, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilisations (LLCE Chinese), and I’m certified in Liberal Arts, History and Geography. My career path has led me to teach in many countries, from Taiwan, Mexico, Indian Ocean territories to Turkey. In 2020, I joined the IEFE team where I teach FLE and History. I also assist students in exile as part of the DU Passerelle bridging diploma.


  • I’m a certified Professor of Liberal Arts and I have a diploma in FLE. I have been teaching at IEFE for over 20 years. I’m responsible for the DUI FLE programme which allows foreign students to apply for a Master’s in FLE, and I’m also in charge of organising the French language and culture courses that IEFE offers to foreign UPPA students. Since September 2020, I have been training in Inter-comprehension in order to enhance the speed at which future students integrate IEFE and UPPA.


 There are three people to welcome you and handle the administrative formalities:

Sandrine Le Ber

  • Sandrine for intensive courses and preparation and registration for certifications and exams (Pau)



  • Annie for evening courses (Pau)


  • FLE Courses and Workshops (Bayonne)