How do we work?

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Institut d'Etudes Françaises pour étudiants étrangers - IEFE
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How do we work?

All classes are based on the CECRL levels (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), from A0 through to C2. Students are placed in groups based on their level, with a maximum of 18 students per group.

Innovative pedagogical methods

  • Project based learning:
    • Sample project: Digital map
    • Sample project: Photo-book

  • The flipped classroom

  • Phonetics workshop
    • Correctional phonetics classes and phonetics workshops
    • These classes are open to all. Participation is based on a weekly sign-up system, with limited places.

  • Language through theatre.

Classes within other faculties of UPPA

Students enrolled in the upper levels (B2, C1 and C2) can choose to follow, as an auditor (without examination), classes from other faculties within the University, including Arts, Languages, Law-Economics-Management, or even Sciences, depending on their field of study and interests.

Opportunity to integrate the Master French as a Foreign Language at UPPA

The I.E.F.E. cooperates closely with the FLE (French as a Foreign Language) department of the Arts and Human Sciences faculty, one of the many advantages of the Institute. All students of the Master (1) FLE programme are put in contact with international students of the I.E.F.E., under the supervision of a professor, for tutoring programmes, linguistic support, to carry out studies and surveys, and for orientation tasks. Some of these students will also take part in internships within the I.E.F.E. (observation and short teaching sequences). The teachers in this programme, covering didactic, grammar, and applied pedagogy, are very experienced in teaching French (generally and for specific outcomes, such as business) to the international learners of the I.E.F.E. at all levels (from beginner to highly advanced). Our teachers are also experienced in French for specific outcomes, such as integration into the French education system, training other educators of FLE, and they participate regularly in linguistic and cultural cooperative projects, both in France and abroad.

Participation in European projects: the Babelium project

The I.E.F.E., the CLEREMO (Centre de langues en réseau et multimédia ouvert, Bayonne campus) and the Master FLE (French as a Foreign Language) at UPPA took part in the European project Babelium in 2014 and 2015. This project aims to develop videos for independent oral production training. UPPA assisted this project through the development of pedagogical material in French, as well as through assuring the standardisation of productions in English, Spanish and German by partner institutions across Europe, verifying that these productions are in accordance with levels as outlined by the CECRL (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The I.E.F.E. also served as a test centre for French participants.