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Institut d'Etudes Françaises pour étudiants étrangers - IEFE

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How to enrol PAU ?


IEFE administration office
Institut d'Etudes de Français pour Etudiants étrangers
IEFE UFR Lettres, Langues, Sciences Humaines
Avenue du Doyen Poplawski
BP 1160 - 64013 PAU Cedex
iefe @
Phone: +33 (0) 5 59 40 73 85

By post or by e-mail

  • Dowload the enrolment form from our website.
  • Fill out the form and sign it.
  • Send the form to the IEFE with the required documents: a copy of your previous diploma(s), photo, and either a French cheque of proof of electronic transfer for the amount corresponding to administration fees and a deposit on course fees.


ENROLMENT FORM 2022/2023  186ko

If you want to get a rough idea of your level : 


Enrolment must be completed and confirmed before the date of the placement test.
You should check the webpage of your specific course for a possible enrolment deadline.

Non-European students should be aware of the time it takes to obtain the appropriate visa.
The remainder of fees must be paid on the first day of classes.

Cancellation policy

  • For any cancellation before the start date of the course, students can elect to attend during another trimester of the same academic year, after which time the deposit can no longer be transferred. Administration fees and the deposit will not be reimbursed.
  • Fees are due in their totality for any course which has begun, and can no longer be reimbursed from the first day of class onwards.

Late arrivals

  • If you will be absent the day of the placement test you must notify the IEFE in advance and justify this absence.
  • Depending on your arrival date in Pau, a replacement date will be given for the placement test.

Late arrivals are accepted up until the end of the first week of classes for beginner students, and up until the end of the second week for intermediate and advanced levels.