FLE Level A2 distance learning course (60 hours)

FLE Level A2 distance learning course (60 hours)

Distance learning FLE Level A2 (60h)

Do you only have a few hours a week to learn French? The IEFE offers you a very flexible online learning course of 60 hours over 10 weeks to reach the level A2.


- Reach A2 level

- Switch between an  interactive and independent study, according to your availability.

Course structure

Each week, lhe IEFE will provide 6 hours of study.

- 2 lessons of 2 hours each with an experienced teacher to encourage interaction, reinvest what has been worked on independently, exchange ideas, talk and listen. The lessons are given in a virtual classroom on Microsoft Teams.

- 2 hours of independent study on the university's Moodle platform. Everyone can work when they are available, at their own pace.

Target group

People who are relatively independent in French in everyday communication situations, but who need to improve their speaking level.


6 hours per week.

Entry level

A1 level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Maximum 12 places.


Fees : €500

Enrolment required before 6 septembre 2024.

Contact: iefe@univ-pau.fr