Towards further study in sciences L1

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Institut d'Etudes Françaises pour étudiants étrangers - IEFE
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Towards further study in ScienceIntegration Diploma in French Studies: Science and Technology For integration into first year Bachelor’s Degree

Course Outline

This programme is designed for international students wishing to prepare for entry into the 1st year of a Licence de Sciences et Technologies (Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology) at l’Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) under the best conditions.

The course takes place over 3 semesters, and 2 academic years.

Student Profile

The programme is designed for international students who have completed a baccaleuréat in sciences (or equivalent), and wish to apply for the 1st year Licence within the Science and Technology faculty of UPPA. Upon entry, applicants must have attained a level of French equivalent to A2 or higher (as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Application and Selection

Students will be selected based on their application: baccalauréat in sciences (or equivalent) and confirmed level of French language required.

Course Structure

First Year (level 1)
  • 320 hours intensive French course at the I.E.F.E., from February to June.
  • Entry level: A2 of CECRL
  • Objective: level B1 in French and integration into French lifestyle.

This first semester of study at the I.E.F.E. makes up Level 1 of the Diploma.
Level 1 is open to all students wishing to achieve and confirm B1 level in French

Second Year (Level 2)
  • 288 hours intensive French course at the I.E.F.E.
  • 150 hours speciality subjects in mathematics, physics and chemistry, specific to this course.
  • Entry level: B1 of CECRL
  • Objective: level B2 in French, integration into French university procedures and ability to follow speciality modules in French.

This year makes up Level 2 of the Diploma.
Level 2 is open to any international student who holds a baccalauréat in sciences (or equivalent) and who has a confirmed B1, or B1+ level in French.

Opportunities upon graduation

Students awarded this Diploma can enter 1st year of the Licence de Sciences et Technologies at UPPA.

Fees and Enrolment

Annual fees are as follows:

  • 2 300 € for Year 1
  • 2 500 € for Year 2

Enrolments are through the I.E.F.E.

Télécharger le fichier «dossier_candidature_DUI SCIENCES 2020.pdf» (120 KB)