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UPPA - Pau

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Pau campus

Pau site: May 14 to June 14, 2025 (4 weeks)

Test: Wednesday May 14, 2025

Course schedule

    Morning: 3 hours of French language and culture classes every morning from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

    Afternoons :

- optional 2-hour workshops (twice a week): for example, theater, discovery of French song or French through games.

- fun, cultural and sporting activities: visit the château, taste the town's specialities, discover the historic center, rafting, pelote basque, etc.

    Approximately 10 to 18 people per group.

    Course validation : D.U. French language 60 hours, continuous assessment. Certificates on request.

Only students with a valid insurance certificate may take part in outings.


 Placement tes t: Wednesday, May 14, 2025

 Each session begins with a placement test to determine the student's level. Students are placed in groups according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students who are absent on the day of the test will only be accepted if there are still places available corresponding to their level.

    A1 - Introductory or Discovery level (students new to French) Learning the language and communicating in the most common everyday situations.

    A2 - Intermediate or Survival Level Reinforcement of skills and practice of everyday spoken and written French.

    B1 - Threshold level Linguistic work through a constant approach to French society and culture.

    B2 - Advanced or independent level For students with a certain command of the language, revision of linguistic knowledge, deepening, then new acquisitions with a view to a good command of oral and written communication.

    C1 - Level Perfectionnement (autonomous user) For students with a very good knowledge of French, deepening of grammar points, work on language registers based on oral or written documents, perfecting writing skills, study of the links between language, culture and civilization.

IEFE reserves the right not to open a level if the number of 10 students per group is not reached.


Accommodation (payment on arrival)

     T1 university residence: approx. €260 (only a few places available)

Payment on arrival, in cash or by credit card at the CLOUSHomestay (single room with breakfast): approx. €260

MealsThe Cités Universitaires are equipped with kitchens (one per floor).

Meals are available

  •     on campus: La Vague cafeteria (approx. 3 euros)
  •     near campus: supermarkets, fast-food outlets, etc.


Application fee: €50

Training fees: €800

Total registration fee: €850

In the event of cancellation before the start of the course, the application fee will not be refunded.

From the first day of the program, the training fees are due in full for all students, including students who have not cancelled their participation and who are not present on the first day of the program.

Health insurance is compulsory.

Registration (to be corrected on the summer course version, add S)

Registrations must be made before April 9, 2025 by clicking on the link that will be put online in March 2025.

Contact details I.E.F.E. office
Ph. 33 (0)5 59 40 73 85
iefe @ univ-pau.fr